Activity-Centred Modelling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users

Licentate Thesis presentation by Jaya Baskar September 24

Wednesday September 24, Jayalakshmi Baskar presented  her Licentiate thesis in MC313 in the MIT-building at Umeå University, 13.15. Title: Adaptive Human-Agent Dialogues for Reasoning about Health Grading committee: – Dr. Marie Gustafsson-Friberger, Department of Computer Science, Malmö University. (Initiates the discussions) – Dr. Carljohan Orre, Department of Informatics and Department of Nursing, Umeå University. – […]

Welcome to Licentate Thesis presentation by Esteban Guerrero September 30

 On Tuesday September 30, Esteban Guerrero will present his Licentiate thesis in MC313 in the MIT-building at Umeå University, 13.15. Welcome! Title: Supporting Human Activity Performance Using Argumentation-Based Technology Grading committee: Dr. Johanna Björklund, Department of Computing Science, Umeå University. Associate Professor Fredrik Heintz, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University. (Initiates the discussions) […]

Award for Best Paper

Marlene Sandlund received on behalf of the authors acknowledge for best paper at the International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies, held in Gothenburg in September. The title is ” Towards a mobile exercise application to prevent falls: a participatory design process”, which is built using the ACKTUS platform.  

As-A-Pal Kitchen Demo Dec 6 2012

The first version of the As-A-Pal (smart) Kitchen was demonstrated by Dipak Surie, and the master students Berker Baydan and Arslan Qureshi.

Agents Applied in Health Care 2012 @ AAMAS 2012 in Valencia

Juan Carlos Nieves and Farahnaz Yekeh have presented research results at the workshop Agents Applied in Health Care 2012, co-located with the AAMAS 2012 conference in Valencia. The titles of the papers are “A Qualitative Medical Diagnosis Approach based on Observer and Validating Agents” and “Agent-Supported Assessment for Personalized Ambient Assisted Living”. Abstract for “A […]

Congratulations to Dipak Surie

Congratulations to Dipak Surie who successfully defended his doctoral thesis January 19. The coming year he will work in the ASAPAL-project on support for older adults in their home, as postdoctoral researcher.

Domain Experts Tailoring Interaction – Presentation at INTERACT 2011 in Lisbon

The paper with the title “ Domain Experts Tailoring Interaction to Users – an Evaluation Study” will be presented at Interact 2011 coming Friday. Abstract: “ This paper presents ACKTUS, a modeling tool for developing knowledge-based systems for the health domain, and an evaluation study of the system. The main purpose of the evaluation was […]

The new ACKTUS – rehab application demonstrated

The prototype ACKTUS – rehab has been developed based on pilot projects executed during 2008 and 2009 in the domain of preventive health for older adults. It functions as a demonstrator for modelling support for patient-centric assessments and interventions for the domain. One particular intervention constitutes adaptable and personalised user interfaces for activity support systems […]