Activity-Centred Modelling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users

EKF prototype ready for pilot evaluation

The first prototype for the end user of the EKF project is running for evaluation purposes.

Research seminar presenting ACKTUS by Helena, April 22

Today’s seminar will provide an overview of ongoing work for creating ACKTUS as an environment for collaborative knowledge building in the health domain. 14.00 in MA112, welcome!

New dementia project in Japan involving ACKTUS starts in May

Helena is back from Japan and South Korea with data from evaluation studies of DMSS-R in use environments. ACKTUS-dementia was also demonstrated in the context of planning for a new research study for improving dementia care.  ACKTUS will in this project serve as a knowledge modeling tool for integrating a new assessment instrument into dementia […]

Research seminar on ontology by Farooq, April 14

Farooq is presenting his work on exploring foundational ontologies and their relation to the ACKTUS ontology today at 14.00 in MC413, MIT-huset. Welcome!