Activity-Centred Modelling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users

the First ACKTUS Workshop held June 3

The purpose of the workshop was to bring people together who is or may/will become involved in different parts of the development and research in the ACKTUS project, for the purpose to create a common understanding of what is going on, and what are the directions for the nearest future. Focus was on research issues, […]

Thesis defense Wednesday 2 June

Tomorrow Patrik Winnberg defends his bachelor thesis with the title ” Gränssnittsdesign av ett individanpassat monitoreringsverktyg för arbetsrelaterad hälsa” at 10.15 in room c206, Umeå University. Good luck, Patrik! The abstract in Swedish: “Det finns ett behov av kunskapsbaserade IT-verktyg för att sprida kunskap om arbetsrelaterad hälsa och för individer inom gruv- och byggindustrin att […]