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ACKTUS base in new Swedish Brainpower project

Posted on | October 14, 2010 | Comments Off on ACKTUS base in new Swedish Brainpower project

New research projects were presented at the annual Swedish Brainpower (SBP) workshop in Stockholm September 23-24. One was the project “Living Dementia Knowledge – a web-based system for collaborative knowledge development and knowledge dissemination”, which will use ACKTUS as a base. The purpose of the project is to synthesize methods, instruments and knowledge for providing computer-based and tailored support to professionals meeting dementia patients in their daily work. A particular focus will be on collaborative knowledge modeling of the national clinical guidelines for dementia and on providing a forum for distributing research results to a wider (multi-lingual) audience in an interactive form, using state-of-the-art technology. As part of the project researchers from different cores in SBP will model selected research results using the system, with a focus on topics that have the potential to be of use in daily clinical practice and has educational value. This includes results from all domains, such as medical, nursing, neuropsychology and rehabilitation domains. The goal is to develop a proof-of-concept system that can be extended to include other medical domains in the future, with a potential cross-fertilization between domains in the work with a patient case.


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