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Evaluation study of DMSS-R presented at MIE 2011 in Oslo

Posted on | August 29, 2011 | Comments Off on Evaluation study of DMSS-R presented at MIE 2011 in Oslo

A paper with the title “Limitations in Physicians’ Knowledge when Assessing Dementia Diseases – an Evaluation Study of a Decision-Support System” was presented at the conference Medical Informatics in Europe 2011 in Oslo. The results showed that the system’s interpretation of available patient data has high compliance with the physician’s view on the patient case (84 %). The study also indicates which topics need more support in the form of personalized educational support. These results are fed into the ACKTUS-dementia application.


“There is a need to provide tools for the medical professional at the point of care in the assessment of a suspected dementia disease. Early diagnosis is important in order to provide appropriate care so that the disease does not cause unnecessary suffering for the patient and relatives. DMSS (Dementia Management and Support System) is a clinical decision-support system that provides support in the diagnosis of a dementia disease, which is in use in controlled clinical evaluation settings in four countries. This paper reports the results of evaluations done in use environments in these places during a period of two years. Data in 218 patient cases were collected by 21 physicians during their use of the system in clinical practice. In 50 of the cases the use of the system were also observed and the physicians were interviewed in 88 cases. The collected data and inferences made by the system were analyzed. To summarize the results, DMSS gave appropriate support considering the patient case, available information and the user’s skills and knowledge in the domain. However, the results also illuminated the need for extended and personalized support for the less skilled physician in the assessment of basic information about patients.”


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