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Children-Robot-Dog Interaction, a different kind of Summer Job

Posted on | July 22, 2013 | Comments Off on Children-Robot-Dog Interaction, a different kind of Summer Job

Agnes Karbin, Moa Lindgren and Mikaela Rosendahl have spent part of their summer vacation time working on knowledge enginering, interaction design, robot programming and evaluating their smart applications with children and dogs.




They used ACKTUS as knowlege modeling tool for creating an application for children aged 6-10 years old, which adjusted itself to the knowledge and performance of the child. To make the teaching moment more exciting, they also put the NAO robot Neja in the role of the teacher. When Neja asked questions, the children managed to answer correctly, and as a reward, the robot showed how she could throw a ball to Bosse the Dog. Even more fun it became when the children could help Neja when the dog did not put the ball into the hand of Neja.

Agnes, Moa and Mikaela have been studying different gymnasium programmes, media, social science and natural science, and none of them had a thought on programming or dog-robot interaction for summer job. The opportunity to work at the Department of Computing Science came through the reasearch projects ACKTUS, As-A-Pal and Safe Steps, which aim at developing smart applications for daily living. The new pilot project ACKTUS-skola, was an experiment on whether ACKTUS could be used for knowledge engineering and interaction design for a domain other than health care. The young knowledge workers developed a prototype application for the purpose, and tested their result. Next step is to involve pedagogic experts and create methods for mediating educational dialogues with the NAO Neja.


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