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New PhD student positions announced

Posted on | October 17, 2017 | Comments Off on New PhD student positions announced

One PhD student position within the WASP programme, with a focus on socially intelligent systems for human-agent collaboration
(deadline 2017-10-20):
One PhD student position in computer science with focus on socially intelligent systems for person-tailored digital coaching
(deadline 2017-11-03):

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for both positions.

Both positions are part of our research addressing the fundamental challenge how intelligent autonomous agents may collaborate with humans in decision making tasks to achieve goals, and in making prioritizations among potentially conflicting goals, needs, motivations, preferences and choices of actions, e.g. in medical situations where  healthcare professionals diagnose or select treatment methods. This is also highly important in situations where a person aims to change unhealthy behaviour, or needs to take action in order to reduce risk in work situations.

To provide socially intelligent systems that humans can trust enough to collaborate with, algorithms for explaining automated learning, reasoning, and values of arguments and decision outcomes will be developed. Artificial intelligence-based methods for user modelling, user adaptation, and for the system to act in a socially acceptable way tailored to a situation will also be developed, partly by formalising theories about human behaviour. Methods that handle uncertain and incomplete information, as well as different types of values, norms, or utilities in such situations will be explored. Furthermore, new interaction designs and user interfaces for efficiently creating a shared understanding and agreements between system and human will be explored.

The positions will be part of research projects where behavior change systems will be developed and applied to improve health. Research will be conducted in a multi-professional team, and the development of solutions in close collaboration with end users and healthcare professionals.

More information about WASP -The Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Programme:


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