Activity-Centred Modelling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users


ACKTUS is a collaborative knowledge modeling environment that is being developed for aiding the knowledge assessment of medical and health-related knowledge in the process of decision-support system development. ACKTUS aims at bridging the gap between medical and health experts and knowledge engineers, and facilitate the collaboration in the development.

Furthermore, ACKTUS also integrates a framework for collaborative interaction design of the multi-initiative intelligent systems, since we strongly believe that design of knowledge structures and design of interaction with the knowledge structures need to be tightly intertwined.

The support provided by the resulting applications should be tailored to the individual who uses the application. Therefore, personalisation is a key goal.

ACKTUS has grown into a research infrastructure for several research groups, which aim at developing and validating web-based applications for diagnosis and/or intervention, targeting various health-related topics.

The project is evolving, with strong emphasis on action research and explorative and formative evaluations with prototypes integrated as much as possible in actual use environments. Consequently, the project also applies activity-centric and user-centered design methods, which comply well with the patient-centric and holistic perspective held in the application domains. Potential users are involved from initial stages in the process.

The vision is a living knowledge web where all actors in different domains who are using the ACKTUS web applications contribute with their knowledge and experience, gain knowledge and skills, and push the boundaries between organizations, cultures, ages, roles, habits, abilities and interests.

The project is financed by Emil and Wera Cornell foundation, VINNOVA and Umeå University.