Activity-Centred Modelling of Knowledge and Interaction Tailored to Users

Congratulations to Dipak Surie

Congratulations to Dipak Surie who successfully defended his doctoral thesis January 19. The coming year he will work in the ASAPAL-project on support for older adults in their home, as postdoctoral researcher.

Domain Experts Tailoring Interaction – Presentation at INTERACT 2011 in Lisbon

The paper with the title “ Domain Experts Tailoring Interaction to Users – an Evaluation Study” will be presented at Interact 2011 coming Friday. Abstract: “ This paper presents ACKTUS, a modeling tool for developing knowledge-based systems for the health domain, and an evaluation study of the system. The main purpose of the evaluation was […]

Evaluation study of DMSS-R presented at MIE 2011 in Oslo

A paper with the title “Limitations in Physicians’ Knowledge when Assessing Dementia Diseases – an Evaluation Study of a Decision-Support System” was presented at the conference Medical Informatics in Europe 2011 in Oslo. The results showed that the system’s interpretation of available patient data has high compliance with the physician’s view on the patient case […]

Paper presented at AIME 2011 in Bled, Slovenia

A paper with the title “Integrating Clinical Decision Support System Development into a Development Process of Clinical Practice – Experiences from Dementia Care” was presented at the conference Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, held in Bled, Slovenia.

ACKTUS base in new Swedish Brainpower project

New research projects were presented at the annual Swedish Brainpower (SBP) workshop in Stockholm September 23-24. One was the project “Living Dementia Knowledge – a web-based system for collaborative knowledge development and knowledge dissemination”, which will use ACKTUS as a base. The purpose of the project is to synthesize methods, instruments and knowledge for providing […]

Acktus at MEDINFO’10 in Cape Town, South Africa

This week ACKTUS dementia was presented at MEDINFO’10 (13th International Congress on Medical Informatics).

The new ACKTUS – rehab application demonstrated

The prototype ACKTUS – rehab has been developed based on pilot projects executed during 2008 and 2009 in the domain of preventive health for older adults. It functions as a demonstrator for modelling support for patient-centric assessments and interventions for the domain. One particular intervention constitutes adaptable and personalised user interfaces for activity support systems […]

Thesis defense Wednesday 2 June

Tomorrow Patrik Winnberg defends his bachelor thesis with the title ” Gränssnittsdesign av ett individanpassat monitoreringsverktyg för arbetsrelaterad hälsa” at 10.15 in room c206, Umeå University. Good luck, Patrik! The abstract in Swedish: “Det finns ett behov av kunskapsbaserade IT-verktyg för att sprida kunskap om arbetsrelaterad hälsa och för individer inom gruv- och byggindustrin att […]

EKF prototype ready for pilot evaluation

The first prototype for the end user of the EKF project is running for evaluation purposes.

Research seminar presenting ACKTUS by Helena, April 22

Today’s seminar will provide an overview of ongoing work for creating ACKTUS as an environment for collaborative knowledge building in the health domain. 14.00 in MA112, welcome!

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